Did you know that products containing whey can be a good source of protein in the battle to lose weight? Eating healthy and exercise are the two primary ways to lose those extra pounds. There are countless products that will help you lose weight, some cheap, some very expensive.

Plenty of natural foods contain whey proteins, cows milk is just one of the organic ways to get whey. The composition of Cow's milk, is 87% water and 13% fat, proteins etc. Of that 13%, fat is 30%, lactose 37% and 17% proteins. Minerals make up the remaining percentage.

Milk proteins contain 20% Whey proteins and 80% Casein proteins. Whey proteins are the most soluble(dissolves in liquid) of the two. Which is why you see so many Whey protein powders on the market.

Whey powder is a by-product of the cheese making process. The process itself, generally speaking, is a 6 part procedure

  1. Fresh milk is first inspected and pasteurized.
  2. The Casein protein AKA "curd", and some of the milk-fat are separated out to make cheese.
  3. The remaining liquid, consisting of milk-fat, whey, Lactose and misc. liquids are then passed through a series of specialty filters which filter out the whey from the other liquids.
  4. This concentrated liquid whey is then processed through an ion exchange tower to further concentrate and purify the whey protein.
  5. The whey protein is then dried to remove any water.
  6. The dry whey is then packaged for use.
Whey protein is also made up of many protein molecules, not the least of which is Alpha lactalbumin, which is currently one of the main proteins used in the research for breast cancer. For more information on this see our home page at http://www.Alphalactalbumin.com

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