This article focuses on Whey protein, it's makeup and uses in the body building industry. Keep in mind that the two most important things for a bodybuilder are exercise and good eating habits.

For quite a few bodybuilders, Whey proteins are a big part of "good eating habits",. Three main benefits come to mind right away, it's water soluble, natural and some of the amino acids that make up whey proteins also help your immune system.

Another type of protein used in the bodybuilding industry, which also comes from cow's milk, is Casein, however, while great strides are being made in Casein's production and use, Whey protein is still the most widely used and fastest to digest.

As a quick primer, Cow's milk contains 87% water and 13% solids(Proteins, fats, minerals). Of those 13% solids, 27% is protein, of the proteins 20% is Whey and 80% is Casein. Forgetting the mathematical breakdown, cow's milk contains .7% Whey protein. Which is one of the reasons that protein powders, shakes and supplements are not exactly cheap.

The process for producing Whey protein can be found here Whey and you. By now you should have an understanding of Whey protein, how it's made and where it comes from, next we will discuss why bodybuilders use it in their daily routines.

A bodybuilder's main goal is to add muscle mass and or maintain the muscle mass they currently have. Strenuous Exercise, like weight lifting, forms new muscle mass by creating micro-tears in the muscle tissue itself. Your body will then rebuild these muscles with new tissue, which causes the muscle to grow. Which is why bodybuilders progress to higher weights.

Muscle equals protein, and since most of us cannot eat enough foods to supply the protein needed to build and maintain muscle, we have to take some sort of protein supplement to keep our protein intake at a level to support the new muscle. Well, let me rephrase that, we would have to drink an awful lot of milk and eat an over abundance of food, I don't know about you but eating lots of bland food just doesn't seem like a good or pleasurable thing to do.

Here is where whey proteins come into play, they are not cheap, but they are certainly easier to use and cheaper then buying a lot of food/milk. Commercial Whey protein comes in lots of forms. Powders, shakes, liquids and others. Proteins in general help the bodybuilder in the following ways.

1.Helps your body to metabolize foods..
2.Builds and repairs muscles and bones.
3.Supplies energy for the body.
4.Repairs cells in the body.

That's it. If after reading this you gain a better understanding of Whey proteins, then we have accomplished some good for you. As in everything else in life always do things in moderation.


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